Bushido is not about fighting.
Bushido is not about competing.
Bushido is not only about skills.
Bushido is the respect of the existence of human life itself of “maintaining one’s dignity, while also maintaining the dignity of others.” This is something the people who fought for their lives in the Warring States Period found.
This “way of the mind” many samurais acquired in the midst of life and death, is still inherited here, in the land of Aizu in every “way.”


Alexander Campbell Bennett

Paul Martin

Randy Channell 宗榮


Samurai Spirit Tourism, a project initiated by Fukushima Prefectural Government, was started in order to share information about the fascinating samurai history of many places in Fukushima.

The history of many of these places is deeply entwined with the Meiji Restoration (or the ‘Boshin War’ as it is referred to in Fukushima Prefecture), which symbolized the end of the age of samurai.

As well as exploring the history of Fukushima, this page also highlights a variety of samurai-related experiences, including Japanese archery and kendo, that visitors can try out firsthand.

Also, this website will be updated with articles written by guest writers. These articles will introduce topics focusing on the amazing local history of Fukushima, providing readers with the chance to embrace the Samurai Spirit for themselves.

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